Let's talk about love baby
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@ chido 2009

Have you ever read romance novels? The premises of the stories were always the same. A man and a woman meet; they hate each other, but are forced due to circumstance to live and spend time together. Inevitably they fall in love and eventually live happily ever after.

In this exhibition the object of affection takes the form of a book -- individual artist’s interpretation of “love” concealed and superficially homogenized as romance novels. The installation can employ the basic structure of a bookstore or library. The space has shelves containing the fabricated romance novels with each visually uniform title presented on the shelves and accessible to the viewer. Lounging chairs or sofas are available to encourage individuals to comfortably sit, read and become more active participants. Unable to judge the books by their covers, the viewer has have the opportunity to scroll through titles and authors (artists) choose a book and engage with the actual content.

This installation could be read in various ways – the entire collection a simulation of a global context – masses of people, organized and shelved. Yet, at the point of engagement, as one picks up a book and opens it, apparent is a person’s individual desires and insight. Even as we are divided ideologically, economically and culturally, we are united with the most beautiful, yet confusingly complex and so easily misunderstood thing called love.

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